S Series

The series of DESMI MODULAR S pumps represents one of the most distinctive developments in self-priming pumps. The individual design, compact with a clear-cut cylindrical form, together with the practical advantages such as easy assembling and MODULAR construction of all components ensure a long a trouble-free operation. MODULAR S can pump a mixture of air and liquid and thus evacuate air from the suction pipe. Thus, priming can be avoided and a foot valve is not necessary.

  • Nominal diameter (DN): 32 to 125
  • Flow rate: Up to 400 m3/h (1760 US gpm)
  • Head: Up to 150 m (490 ft)
  • Temperature: Up to 120o C (248o F)
  • Motor: Standard and EX motors
  • VFD: Direct or Bulkhead/Wall-mounted
  • ATEX approved.


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Item Description Connection DNd/DNs Quantity
Desmi S32-25-110/A09 1"/1 1/4"
Desmi S50-32-135N/A09 1 1/4"/2"
Desmi S70-50-175N/A09 70/50
Desmi S70-50-220N/A09 70/50
Desmi S70-50-275N/A09 70/50
Desmi S80-70-175N/A09 80/70
Desmi S80-70-220N/A09 80/70
Desmi S80-70-275N/A09 80/70
Desmi S100-80-175N/A09 100/80
Desmi S100-80-220N/A09 100/80
Desmi S100-80-275N/A09 100/80
Desmi S125-80-220N/A09 125/80
Desmi S125-80-275N/A09 125/80
Desmi S125-100-220N/A09 125/100