INTERVAREM LS – Horizontal

InterVarem helps maintaining pressure in the system, optimizing pump operation, ensuring a water reserve and protecting against water hammer. It can be used in a wide range of applications: water booster systems, irrigation, residential and commercial well water, firefighting systems.

  • Horizontal multifunctional water tanks
  • Capacity 5 – 40 L
  • Replaceable membrane
  • Available with galvanised or painted flange
  • Red color (blue colour available on demand)
  • Pre-charge pressure 2 bar

* 1,5 bar pre charge pressure

Up to 40 lt connection 3/4 upon request

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Item Code Description Capacity (Litres) Max Pressure (Bar) Connection Quantity
S2H19361CS0BP000* 19L Tank CS Flange 19 8 1”
S2H20361CS0BP000* 20L Tank CS Flange 20 10 1”