Varem Accessories

Varem offers a complete range of spare parts for all the produced items, a set of accessories to complement the range of pressure tanks for multifunction and water line, together with several components to complete the Thermovarem series.

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Item Code Description Quantity Quantity
ACVALH21PR000000 Varem Precharge Valve 20-24-40-50 L 21mm (Min 10 Pcs)
ACVALH27PR000000 Varem Precharge Valve 5-8-12-20HP (Plus Varem)-60-80 L 27.5mm (Min 10 Pcs)
ACVAL200PR000000 Varem Precharge Valve 100-750 L (Min 10 Pcs)
ACVALN10PR000000 Varem Precharge Valve 1000-2000 L (Min 10 Pcs)
ACMAND50PT006000 Varem Pressure Gauge 0-6 Bar Dia 50 – ¼” - Rear
ACMAND50RD006000 Varem Pressure Gauge 0-6 Bar Dia 50 – ¼” - Radial
ACMAND50RD010000 Varem Pressure Gauge 0-10 Bar Dia 50 – ¼” - Radial
ACCAP519NE000000 Varem Valve Cap – Black
ACCAP0248L000000 Varem Valve Cap – Blue
ACCAP100NE000000 Varem Valve Cap 20/40-100L – Black
ACFWV06000000000 Varem Flow-Valve 60-80-100L FW 1”
ACFWV15000000000 Varem Flow-Valve 100-200-300-500-750L FW 1 ½”