UDF Spare

Ueberall Dechlorination Filter removes odor, smell and residue chlorine/chloramine in water using activated carbon cartridges. The reactor is well designed with poles inside which fit the cartridges and allow stacking of cartridges. Hence, UDF saves space and improves efficiency. Please kindly contact us for more specific flow rates and technical specifications on your demands.

  • High quality SUS304, Rating Pressure PN 4
  • Higher rating available on demand
  • Fit to standard cartridges, flexible and multifunctional purpose
  • Easy maintenance and sustainable
  • Unique hard-block carbon cartridges ensure 90% chlorine/chloramine removal (TUV-SUD certified)


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Item Code Description Size (micron) Length (inch) UAC-10 Quantity
UAC-10 UAC-10 Ueberall Highly Compressed Activated Carbon Cartridges 5 10
UAC-20 UAC-20 Ueberall Highly Compressed Activated Carbon Cartridges 5 20