UBK4 Spare

Ueberall GmbH has a history of more than 50 years of experience in the freshwater treatment industry. Among its portfolio, UV sterilizer is the main core product line. Originally developed for marine and offshore industry in European countries, UV sterilizers of Ueberall GmbH commit to deliver the highest standard in freshwater treatment

  • Capacity: 1 – 20 m3/hr (according to 400 J/m2)
  • High quality SUS316L, Rating Pressure PN 10
  • Compact design, “plug-n-play” installation
  • High capacity amalgam UV lamps
  • UV sensor equipped
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Item Code Description Quantity
UEBS16277 16277 UV-lamp 200W
UEBS28134 28134 UV-lamp interconnecting cable 0,45m / 2,5m / 5,0m
UEBS6113 6113 Quartz jacket, closed at one end
UEBS821 821 O-Ring for Quartz jacket
UEBSS280104 S280104 SET Sensor window + O-ring 28020
UEBS28030 28030 Sensor housing
UEBS28020 28020 O-ring for Sensor window
UEBSS28050 S28050 SET Stainless steel screws for sensor housing (4 pcs.)
UEBS28060 28060 UV Sensor complete with cable 0,45m
UEBS28060M 28060M UV Sensor complete with cable 2,5m
UEBS28060L 28060L UV Sensor complete with cable 5,0m
UEBS28114 28114 Thrust disk
UEBSS28124 S28124 SET Stainless steel screws for thrust disk (4 pcs.)
UEBS28174 28174 End cap for thrust disk
UEBS28A10 28A10 UV Control (P.C.B.)
UEBS28L14 28L14 Electronic ballast for UV lamp
UEBS28Q10 28Q10 Main switch
UEBS28Y14 28Y14 Solenoid valve 2”
UEBS281134 281134 Flow control valve 2”
UEBS40102551 40102551 SET of fuses (1 A / 10 pcs.)
UEBS40102552 40102552 SET of fuses (2 A / 10 pcs.)
UEBS40102554 40102554 SET of fuses (4 A / 10 pcs.)