26 August 2020

TÜV SÜD is a global leading technical service provider

To choose a high-quality product from the countless products available in the market, consumers can rely on products that have achieved world-class certifications such as UL of USA, TUV SUD of Germany, CSA of Canada … besides the ISO – OHSAS, CE Marking for the European market.

Within this article, we will learn about Germany’s TUV SUD certification – one of the world’s most prestigious and oldest. At the same time, we will also introduce products with TUV SUD certification marks in Singapore market distributed by Delton Marine.

  1. TÜV SÜD in a brief

TÜV SÜD is a global leading technical service provider for a comprehensive and integrated suite of product testing, inspection, certification and training services. TÜV SÜD, headquartered in Germany, was established over 150 years ago and has now more than 24,500 highly skilled employees working in over 1,000 offices around the globe.

TÜV SÜD’s story began when steam boilers were the innovative new technology powering the Industrial Revolution. Following a devastating explosion that claimed one life and injured many, the first steam boiler inspection association was formed in Mannheim in 1866. This association gave rise to an enduring legacy and marked the beginning of technical safety in Germany. In the years and decades that followed, similar organisations, collectively known as TÜVs (Technical Inspection Association in English), sprang up across Germany. By the 1990s, different TÜVs were operating throughout every state in Germany. Over time, the TÜVs from the southern states came together to form TÜV SÜD. Today, TÜV SÜD is the largest TÜV in the world in terms of revenue, network and the number of experts it employs.

Today, TÜV SÜD is represented by more than 24,500 employees located across over 1,000 locations.

TÜV SÜD industries include:

  • Consumer Products & Retail
  • Healthcare & Medical Devices
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure & Rail
  • Mobility & Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Chemical & Process

2. What is TÜV SÜD certification mark and certificates

TÜV SÜD certification marks and certificates represent third-party endorsement by a globally renowned organisation

A TÜV SÜD certification means a sampling of the product has been tested for safety and found to meet the minimum requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act.

TÜV SÜD Certification Marks and Certificates provide:

– Proof from an accredited test and certification body that your products meet all requirements of relevant European Union Directives

– Official statement of conformity accompanied by appropriate documentation as specified by European Union regulations or customer requirements

– Emphasis on special product properties such as safety, quality, durability, environmental compatibility, and conformity to standards

– Protection against product liability claims

– Up-to-date information on changes regarding technical regulations and developments in testing and certification

 3. Why TÜV SÜD is the mark that’s trusted around the world

TÜV SÜD is a leading provider of management systems solutions

TÜV is one of Germany’s best-known brands, as surveys have shown time and again. Three letters that have become synonymous with safety and certainty, reliability and impartiality. TÜV SÜD ranks first among German certifiers in the list of Deutschlands beste by Deutschland Test newspaper, 2018. It is also a member of the International Federation of Inspection Agencies – a trade federation that represents over 50 of the world’s leading international testing, inspection and certification companies.

TÜV SÜD has fulfilled all necessary German and European Union accreditation requirements and has received authorization to issue Certification marks and certificates. They has been working with many prestigious international certifications around the world in auditing & System Certification including: AS EN 91XX, DIN EN 15224, FSC CoC Certification, IECQ QC 080000 Hazardous Substance; Audit Services, Business Social Compliance Initiative; Certified Data Centre, Code of Conduct; Ethical Trade Initiative Audit; Food Safety Management; IATF 16949 – technical specification for automotive sector quality management systems…

TÜV SÜD is also a leading provider of management systems solutions with over 20 years of experience providing management systems assessment and certification services: ISO 14001, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, ISO 9001, ISO TS 22163, OHSAS 18001, SA8000 and ISO 26000…It was the first certification body in Asia to introduce ISO 9000 as a basis of quality system certification. Being an established and internationally recognised testing body, its test reports and product certification marks are well-accepted by manufacturers, third-party buyers and government authorities worldwide.

  1. Delton Solutions provides TÜV SÜD certified products for Singapore market

As a professional Fluid and Engineering Service distributor and trading company, Delton Solutions strives to offer the most applicable and reliable products from the world’s leading manufacturers to suit our customers’ needs.

For Singapore market, we are providing high-quality pressure tanks from Varem (Italy) – The world leading manufacturers of pressure tanks. Varem products are certificated with “Safety of the product” CE mark, pressure equipment D-D1 (PED) by TÜV SÜD.

Starting from the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, concerning the company quality policy, Varem has obtained various certifications on the company, the product and the components worldwide. You will also notice the GS Mark right next to the TUV Mark on each Safety Varem product. The GS Mark indicates that it was tested and complies with the minimum requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act or GPSG. The GS is an acronym for Geprüfte Sicherheit. The GS Mark stands for Safety Tested and is a licensed mark of the German government. It may only be issued by an accredited product safety testing and certification agency such as TUV.. You can refer to the Varem products in our website here

Varem press tank lines certificated by TUV SUD

Delton Marine also offer the high - efficiency water purifier solutions with UEBERALL products from German. TUV SUD has certified that UEBERALL sterilizer products from German can eliminate 99.994% of bacteria in the water. One of most famous product is UV4ALL – an excellent Multi Barrier Water Purifier can meet all strictly highest requirements of portable water standards in Singapore and worldwide. You can find this product here.

UV4ALL – an excellent Multi Barrier Water Purifer

If you have any concern, please contact Delton Marine via hotline (65) 6686 2282 or our webiste: www.delton.com.sg, our experienced staffs will advise you promptly.