16 July 2020

To bring products to consumers, manufacturers utilize the bottled water treatment

Described as safe drinking water packaged in glass or plastic bottles, bottled water has numerous advantages. The biggest advantage of bottled water is that it is convenient and safe. To bring products to consumers, manufacturers utilize the bottled water treatment – a multi-barrier process from water source to packaged products which prevents possible harmful chemicals or microbiological in finished products or incurred in production, storage and transportation process. The bottled water treatment includes a lot of water purification methods: source protection, distillation, RO, ozonation, filtration or UV light. By combining many methods via many steps, bottled water is safe from chemical, microorganisms and other contamination.

In this article, we would like to introduce with readers one of the most common and effective treatment methods in bottled water treatment: UV lamp application.

What is bottled water treatment?

There are three major types of bottled water: purified water, which is water from local sources (tap water) that has been filtered; natural spring water and natural mineral water from an underground source.  Each one has specific water treatments regarding its origin, composition and technology to make the water is safe to drink.

There are some common methods in bottled water treatment:

  • Distillation: water is boiled, and the steam is condensed to remove minerals, asbestos, salts, particles, metals, and other organic things. This method can also kill microbes including Cryptosporidium.
  • Micron Filtration: water is filtered through screens with microscopic holes, measured in microns. The smaller the filter holes, the more substances the filter can remove.
  • Ozonation: Using Ozone to disinfect water, which kills almost microbes, depending on the dosage applied.
  • Reverse Osmosis: the water molecules move from high concentration to low concentration with the pressure from a pump system to push every single molecule or particles go across the membrane. This process removes almost inorganic and organic chemicals, color, minerals, and turbidit
  • Ultraviolet (UV) light: a physical and chemical-free process to remove most harmful bacteria from untreated water. For example, UV light of Multi Barrier Water Purifier UV4ALL (UEBERALL) can kill 99,994% bacteria according to TUV SUD (The internationally accredited certification body) .

Outstanding advantages of UV light in bottled water treatment

Firstly, UV lamp does not add anything to the water source. It doesn’t add or change odor, undesirable color, chemicals, pH or flavor, taste, as well as generate harmful byproducts.

Secondly, when used in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines, UV lamp is an effective, fast, and environmentally friendly method. UV system is one of the key component of bottled water treatment process trains. Therefore, a lot of bottled water and soft drink manufacturers around the world are relying on UV applications to provide save and pure water.

UV lamp application is used in bottled water treatment system to provide drinkable water.

How UV disinfection system works in bottled water treatment

This system is really simple, inexpensive and requires low maintenance.

Each bottled water manufacturer will apply their custom-engineered system to purify the water. For example, there are 12 steps of the quality process Nestlé Waters used to produce NESTLÉ PURE LIFE in North America. In this process, Ultraviolet water disinfection is used to ensue that the water remains absolutely and completely free from any sort of microbiological contamination.

At this step, the water passes through a special chamber which contains an ultraviolet light source. This ultraviolet light acts as a powerful sterilizing agent and is monitored on an hourly basis. Almost liquid can be effectively treated with UV lamp such as surface, municipal and spring water.

As you can see, UV disinfection system plays an important role in manufacturing process of bottled water treatment. Therefore, UV lamp equipment is the primary concern of bottled water manufacturers. One of the leading UV sterilizers in the world which is trusted by many big manufacturers is UEBERALL from Germany.

Since 1967 the brand name UEBERALL stands for reliable, innovative and economic water treatment equipment made in Germany. Today, after more than 50 years more than 7.000 UV sterilizers have been delivered to various industries, including Marine and Offshore.

The through developed fully industrial execution UV sterilizer series UltraBord 200 and 300 suits most UV applications and meets easily 25 years life time expectation. As a unique feature, all UltraBord systems display the UV lamp configuration on the control panel door for "visual management" of the operation status of each lamp. Various options and executions make the UB2/3 units suit virtually any industrial requirement.

UV sterilizer series UltraBord 200 and 300 

Besides that, another famous system, The UBK system is some sort of semi-standard when fresh water is pumped out of the fresh water tank into the pipe system. Installed after the hydrophore tank it disinfects the fresh water on demand:

  • High capacity amalgam UV lamps
  • UV sensor equipped
  • In addition, the robust INDUSTRIAL design of the UBK series supports almost unlimited applications world wide.

The UEBERALL UBK UV sterilizer

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